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Dont Walk - Drive!


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Behind the Wheel Instruction

We're cool and calm, and soon you will be too!

  • Nervous?

  • Never driven before?

  • Only drive in parking lots?

  • Don't worry!

Our instructors each have over 20 years experience patiently teaching people just like you! They are the best in the business and have taught thousands of students to drive safely and confidently.

Decide to drive today! Just call and schedule your first lesson. You can trust your instructor to take care of you from beginning to end. We can even arrange your road test appointment for you and you can take it in the car you train in!

  • We're experienced, not expensive

  • Have a license from another country (ie India)? We can prepare you to take the Minnesota Road Test.

Learn To Drive In Minnesota

And all the skills you need to take the Minnesota road test

Beginners Learn:

  • How to work the gas and brake

  • Turning skills

  • Parking skills

  • Backing skills

  • What to do with yellow lights

More Experienced Learn:

  • Driving in traffic

  • Freeway driving

  • Winter driving

  • Defensive driving

  • Lane changing

And Much More!